I dreamed a dream

I believe in this one simple truth: Every bride deserves her own magical wedding.

My love-affair for all things wedding-pretty started last year when I got engaged to my now-husband. We dreamed of a wedding that was laid-back and personal, with touches of rustic vintage details and splashes of shades of pink and green. To get varied inspirations, I joined the Pinterest community and got exposed to all things wedding-lovely. It was an exhilarating feeling for me and such a joy, to be looking and pinning all these very pretty celebrations of love. I got excited (too excited, for that matter) with all the possibilities I could incorporate in our own wedding celebration. I kept pinning and pinning to my heart’s content. I think I got overwhelmed – so many pretty things to do, so little time! I wasn’t able to execute every little detail I wanted to incorporate and thinking back now, I wish I’d been more organized in collecting ideas, started my DIY plans earlier and of course, I wish I knew exactly where to source the materials I needed.

Now that I am done stressing over my own wedding, I want to do something for other brides and brides-to-be, and for myself too. Since I haven’t gotten over my love for all things wedding-pretty just yet, I think I’ll continue curating wedding inspirations some more. Will be posting for more wedding loveliness, gorg DIYs, and magical celebrations of love. Cheers! Yay! 🙂


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