Bridal Spring 2014: Monique Lhuillier

The Monique Lhuillier collection is a vision. I, for one, didn’t bat an eyelash as I view one exquisite bridal dress after another. With her impeccable taste in bridal couture perfection, Monique Lhuillier presented us timeless, classic pieces that would wow not just the bride, but anyone who lay their eyes on it.


monique-lhuilllier19 monique-lhuilllier21 monique-lhuilllier17

monique-lhuilllier07 monique-lhuilllier06 monique-lhuilllier05


monique-lhuilllier18 monique-lhuilllier16 monique-lhuilllier21


monique-lhuilllier12 monique-lhuilllier09 monique-lhuilllier20


monique-lhuilllier26 monique-lhuilllier30 monique-lhuilllier28


photo source: WWD


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