Cardigans and your Flower Girl

How’s your Saturday been going so far lovelies? Oh! Nothing beats the joy that weekend brings! 🙂

We have already done some rounds on the dresses of your bridesmaids, inspirations for that lovely bouquet you’ll be carrying around on the BIG day, and even some wedding favors ideas for your guests. Now, let’s focus on those little cuties on your entourage. Yes – your flower girls!

I have seen many flower girl dresses over years of online browsing and shameless gushing over wedding-prettiness. I have admired countless in varied fabrics, textures and colors, and boy, are they ALL LOVELY! I even think that it’s not the flower girl dress that makes that little girl glow with over-the-top cuteness anymore, but well, it’s just them. I dunno, perhaps it has to do with their innocence, their honest joy, or their inner peace. These just bring out their natural glow and youth, and of course, cuteness-overload! 🙂

To give some ideas to the brides marrying this December – still planning, I know! – It will be cold on December and you don’t want your little cherubs chilling, so take a look and consider these lovely cardigans and how they will make wonder of wonders to your Flower Girl’s over-all look.

flower girl cardigan11

photo credit: Nez Cruz

flower girl cardigan5 flower girl cardigan4

photo source: Atlas Party Rental

flower girl cardigan1 flower girl cardigan6

photo source: Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty

flower girl cardigan10

photo source: Style Me Pretty

flower girl 2 flower girl cardigan7

photo source: The KnotHey Wedding Lady

flower girl cardigan3 flower girl cardigan9

photo source: Style Me Pretty, Smudgetikka

flower girl cardigan13 flower girl cardigan14

photo source: Style Me Pretty, FYW

flower girl cardigan8

photo source: Martha Stewart Weddings

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