Bridal Spring 2014: Rosa Clará

Think of the softest, most pristine and most delicate handmade lace, embellished with embroidery and precious stones. Now think of wearing this on your wedding day as you walk down the aisle to meet your waiting and eager groom. Dream-like isn’t it? Well, my gorgeous, gorgeous brides, you don’t have to wake up from this perfect dream anymore.

The Rosa Clará 2014 Spring Bridal collection offers an array of fine, intricately made dresses fit to fill your waking hours with dream-like bridal perfection. Inspired by the glamour of the 1920’s flapper looks and the elegant, timeless charm of the 1950’s Hollywood celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, each dress in the collection is made from subtle and delicate fabrics that highlight the bride’s femininity and natural beauty.

These are better than any of your sweetest dreams, cherries – and you’ll see here why.

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal2

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal8

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal17 Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal3

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal11

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal14

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal15 Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal13

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal4

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal9

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal6 Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal10

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal5

Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal16

 Rosa Clara 2014 Spring Bridal7

photo source: Bacio Bacio Bridal Salon


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