Creative Menu Board Inspirations

Okay, I know what you’re thinking – something like, “Oh! Let the caterer handle that!” starts to cross your minds. Yes, the menu boards are part of the package you paid the caterer for, but who says you cannot suggest an idea on how you want things to look at your reception? Besides your wedding cake, the menu boards are one of the most viewed and looked for by your guests. I’m sure they are all a little intrigued on what will be served for the day, and I am sure too that you are as eager as them to show off what sumptuous feast you have to offer. So why neglect the aesthetics of the one thing your guests will be surely be hoping to see. Dress up your menu boards to go with your theme, or have it presented in an unusual way – remember, the choice is always yours. Here are some inspirations you may want to show your caterers on your next meeting with them:

menu board15

photo source: Oh So Beautiful Paper

menu board1

photo source: Style Me Pretty

menu board2

photo source: Inspired by This

menu board3

photo source: Ruffled

menu board5

photo source: Style Me Pretty

menu board7

menu board10

photo source: Style Me Pretty

menu board14

photo source: Intimate Weddings

menu board16

photo source: 100 Layer Cake

menu board17

photo source: Etsy


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