Dreaming of Provence: Lavender Wedding Theme

It’s no secret by now that I love Pinterest (read my About Page, and you will see!). It is through one of my incessant pinnings that I’ve chanced upon a gorgeous photo of a lavender field – and I tell you, I have fallen in love immediately. That one photo was enough to bring me into dreaming of Provence, France – ahhhh, the sweet fragrant smell of lavender in full bloom, the fine stalks waving in the wind beneath the deep blue sky, and the endless stretch of bright purple prairie. It’s almost paradise!

Lavender Theme 3

photo source: Style Me Pretty

To celebrate my deep fascination for all things lavender, which is by the way, in full bloom from mid-June to early August, here’s my inspirations-guide for a lovely Lavender Wedding. 🙂

Lavender Theme 5

photo source: One Wed

Lavender Theme 7

photo source: Dreamy Whites

Lavender Theme 4

photo by Jeff and Lisa Photography | Dried Lavender Bouquet by {etc} Handmade Goodness

Lavender Theme 10

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Lavender Theme 12Lavender Theme 1

photo source: My Lovely Wedding, Style Me Pretty

Lavender Theme 13

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Lavender Theme 6Lavender Theme 8

photo source: Style Me PrettyDreamy Whites

Lavender Theme 16

photo source: Apple Brides

Lavender Theme 9Lavender Theme 15

photo source: Style Me Pretty, Michelle Cross

Lavender Theme 14 

photo source: Heidi Modern Zamanlar


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