Cute as a Bout: Whimsical Boutonnieres by {etc} Handmade Goodness

A boutonniere is to the groom as the bouquet is to the bride – BUT, an alternative bout is to the more dapper groom as the alternative bouquet is to the fun, experimental bride.

{etc} Handmade Goodness is the go-to supplier for your whimsical, alternative bout needs. I have searched far and wide, and I must say nothing does boutonniere alternatives like them. Personalized, unique, whimsically-creative and indeed, handmade with love, each bout they make is a prized piece. Using a wide variety of quality materials, in all kinds imaginable, they can create bouts-of-your-dreams that are very coherent, very apt to your wedding theme. I love how they never seem to run out of fresh ideas and whimsy designs — oh dear, I tell you I haven’t seen anything alike! Here are my best picks. Enjoy! 🙂

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout6

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout1

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout2

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout3

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout4

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout8

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout5

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout10

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout7

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout11

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout9

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout12

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout14

{etc} Handmade Goodness bout13

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Photo source: all photos lifted from {etc} Handmade Goodness Facebook account


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