Favors with Flavor: 12 Edible Wedding Favors

We Filipinos love to eat and each important occasion is always celebrated with food. Your wedding day is one big celebration of love so, why not treat your guests with wedding favors that they will surely love to take home… and EAT! Scroll down and choose which Favors with Flavor will be your pick! ūüôā

1. “Spread the Love” Home-made Jams

Edible Wedding favors 2 Edible Wedding favors 3

2. “Sweetie Pies” Mini Pies

Edible Wedding favors 15 Edible Wedding favors 13

3. ¬†“Meant to BEE…” Honey

Edible Wedding favors 20 Edible Wedding favors 21

4. ¬†“Thanks for BEAN with us” Jellybeans

Edible Wedding favors 4 Edible Wedding favors 22

5. ¬†“He POPPED the question, Now we say I DO!” Cake Pops

Edible Wedding favors 6 Edible Wedding favors 23

6. “Sweet Treat” Cuppycakes

Edible Wedding favors 16 Cupcakes decorated with yellow sugar roses

7. ¬†“How Sweet it is to be Loved by You” Cookies

 Edible Wedding favors 11 Edible Wedding favors 12

8. ¬†“Je t’aime” French¬†Macarons

Edible Wedding favors 27 Edible Wedding favors 19

9. ¬†“Love is Sweet” Bottled Cookie Mix

 Edible Wedding favors 7 Edible Wedding favors 24

10. ¬†“Mint to be” Candies

Edible Wedding favors 14 Edible Wedding favors 25

11. ¬†“Hope You Have a Ball!” Gumballs

Edible Wedding favors 5 Edible Wedding favors 26

12. ¬†“We feel FORTUNATE to share this day with You” Fortune cookies

Edible Wedding favors 9 Edible Wedding favors 10


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