Bridal Spring 2014: Christos

The Christos Bridal Spring 2014 has an ethereal delicateness making each dress fit for an angel. Using only the finest tulle and lace, each dress is showered with hand made beading of sparkly crystals and romantic floral appliques and embroidery. Sweet, romantic and feminine. These lovelies are just perfect for the dainty bride and a romantic vintage wedding.

P.S. The first one here is my favorite. Love! 🙂

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 1

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 3

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 5

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 2

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 6

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 7

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 9

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 8

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 10

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 12

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 4

Christos-Bridal-Spring-2014 11

Wedding gowns by Christos | Photo source: WWD


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