20 Escort Card Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Happy Halloween Thursday, cherries! Go fill those coffee mugs and tea cups for you’ll be having quite a long read today! I will be featuring 20 (oh yes you’ve read that right, 20!) gorgeously creative escort card ideas you and your guests will surely love! Since escort cards will welcome your guests to the reception area, it’s just right to make sure that they’ll be in for a treat!
So, before we continue, what exactly are escort cards anyway? These are “cards” that have the names of your guests and their corresponding table or seat numbers. These are placed at the entrance of the reception area and will act as guides to your guests to help them find which table they should be looking for.
I love how the look of escort cards is evolving, it’s like everyday there’s a new idea that pops up! And the best part of having a fab escort card? Creative and unique escorts can double up as wedding favors if done right!
Scroll down ’til the last one and check out my top 20 picks for unique and fun escort cards. Enjoy! ūüôā

1.  Lego Toys Escort Cards

Escort Cards 1

photo source: CBFWblog | Photography by Noel Salazar of Quirky Creatives

2.  Balloons Escort Cards

Escort Cards 2Escort Cards 2-1

photo source: One Fab Day

3.  Succulent Escort Cards

Escort Cards 4

photo source: Style Me Pretty

4.  Sailboat Escort Cards

Escort Cards 5

photo source: Once Wed

5.  Beach Inspired Escort Cards

Escort Cards 17 http://joielala.com

photo source: Style Me Pretty

6.  Message-in-a-Bottle Escort Cards

Escort Cards 6

photo source: Style Me Pretty

7.  Escort Cards with Vintage Stamps

Escort Cards 7

photo source: Weddings Unveiled

8.  Fresh Fruits Escort Cards

Escort Cards 8

photo source: Style Me Pretty

9.  Skeleton Key Escort Cards

Escort Cards 9

photo source: Style Me Pretty

10. Fresh Flowers in a Bottle Escort Cards

Escort Cards 10

photo source: Wedding Chicks

11. Egg Planter Escort Cards

Escort Cards 11

photo source: Ruffled

12. Mini Paintings Escort Cards

Escort Cards 12

photo source: Bespoke Bride

13. Herb Escort Cards

Escort Cards 13

photo source: Wedding Bells

14. Rock Candy Escort Cards

Escort Cards 14

photo source: 100 Layer Cake

15. Personalized Button Escort Cards

Escort Cards 15 Escort Cards 15-1

photo source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Oh So Beautiful Paper

16. Sewing Button Escort Cards

Escort Cards 16

photo source: One Fab Day

17. Tassel and Tags Escort Cards

Escort Cards 3

photo source: Ruffled

18. Wooden Photo Holder Escort Cards

Escort Cards 18

photo source: CBFWblog | Photography by Vinz Matias of The Rockin Duo

19.  Escort Cards with Semi-Precious Stones

Escort Cards 19

photo source: Green Wedding Shoes

20. Origami Escort Cards

Escort Cards 20

photo source: Style Me Pretty


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