Asian Flair : Chinoiserie Chic Wedding Theme

Chinoiserie (pronounced as \shēn-ˈwäz-rē\) or the fanciful, whimsical, and flamboyant European interpretation of the Chinese styles, can actually work well as a wedding theme if you’re looking for a rather uncommon, not-your-usual-rustic-shabby-chic-type of wedding. Influenced by the artistic influences and designs from China, Japan and other Asian countries, a Chinoiserie Chic wedding is rich with Zen elements and Oriental style such as porcelain designs and Asian exotic prints.

I have prepared two mood boards for you today, both featuring the Chinoiserie Chic inpirations, but with different color palettes. I must say that my personal favorite will be the Jade + Peony Pink Chinoiserie Chic mood board. Well to start with, it has pink. ‘Nuf said. Tee-hee! 🙂 How about you, would you go for the more pastel shade-rich set of Jade + Peony Pink or the bold, authentic “Chinese-esque” colors of Blue + White?

P.S. Just click the link of the photo sources if you want to have a clearer, closer look on your fave photos in the mood boards, okay?

Jade + Peony Pink Chinoiserie Chic Wedding

Chinoiserie Wedding-Jade+Peony Pink_CBFWblog

photo source (from top left) : Mirror against Chinoiserie wallpaper, Dining room with cherry blossoms decor, Carol-Hannah blush wedding gown, Chinoiserie inspired invitations, Pink peony tied on ceremony seat, J.Crew jade bridesmaid dresses, Jade+Pink Oriental reception set-up

Blue + White Chinoiserie Chic Wedding

Chinoiserie Wedding-Blue+White_CBFWblog

photo source (from top left) : Chinoiserie tablescape, Escort cards, Hand painted porcelain hearts, White and blue anemones, Tea set, Sareh Nouri “Marie Antoinette” wedding gown


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