Color Series #4 : Mint + Gold

It’s almost Christmas! So to remind you of the festive days to come and just because I love to sprinkle sparkle whenever I could, I’m giving you today a color palette in the coolest shade of Mint Green and Glitter Gold. Cool and calming, with a hint of glimmer and glamour, this color palette will set a mood that’s both easy on the eyes and exudes a soothing vibe. So whether you choose to use this at a Summer Wedding Soiree (to ward off the summer heat) or at a December Wedding Fête, this color palette will surely send the relaxing calmness and hints of glam that you and your guests need. 

P.S. Oh, you could even use this color set for your coming holiday celebrations. 🙂

Color Series #4 - Mint + Gold

photo source (from top left) : Gold and Mint table setting, Gold arrows with Mint ribbons, Elie Saab mint dress, Mint envelopes with gold liner, Swarovski earrings, Wedding cake, Champagne with mint/gold drink flags

My favorite deets? It has got to be those lovely sparkly Swarovski rhinestones. I even spied that a pair is still available on Etsy……….. Okay! Moving on… Those mint and gold drink flags are just fab, don’t you think? I’m sure with those flags around, you wouldn’t be able to resist to grab a glass of champagne for yourself! And why not? It’s almost Christmas, cherries!

Have fun at the parties everyone! ♥

Mint + Gold 2 Mint + Gold 1



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