12 Cutest Boho Flower Girl Inspirations

Boho Flowergirls

photo source: Tindale Images

Dress up your little angels in something comfy to let them have the freedom to move and play around on your wedding day. I say, let them have fun! Spare them the frilly dresses that are either too tacky or too uncomfortable to wear. Give your little girls the ease of being able to fully enjoy your day too. Let them wear something soft, flowy and airy… a bohemian inspired dress would be your best bet! No fuss, no worries. And don’t forget to crown them with flower head wreaths too (other head bands would be lovely as well). Oh, I am sure that they’ll be the prettiest, most laid-back, most adorable, best dressed-ever flower girls you’ll see!

Here are 12 of my most favorite boho inspired flower girl looks. Cuteness overload, coming up! 🙂

Boho Flowergirls 9

photo source: The Fete Blog

Boho Flowergirls 2

photo source: Ruffled

Boho Flowergirls 1

photo source: 100 Layer Cake

Boho Flowergirls 3

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Boho Flowergirls 4

photo source: Violette Field Threads

Boho Flowergirls 5

photo source: Ruffled

Boho Flowergirls 6

photo source: Magnolia Rouge

Boho Flowergirls 7

photo source: Tindale Images

Boho Flowergirls 8

photo source: Love My Dress

Boho Flowergirls 11

photo source: My Little Jules

Boho Flowergirls 10

photo source: Etsy

Boho Flowergirls 12

photo source: Style Me Pretty


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