Bridesmaid Style: The Annabelle Dress by BHLDN



Truth be told, I love BHLDN. I love how exquisitely delicate, romantic, and feminine (to name a few) their styles are. It’s like each of their dresses were made to define beauty itself. And so when I got this email from BHLDN, featuring this “one dress they can’t stop raving about,” I was intrigued. What could this be?

Lo and behold, it is their newest addition, the Annabelle dress – the one dress that could be worn in a number of different ways. Imagine buying just one kind of dress for your bridesmaids but the cool part is that they can wear it in different styles. Awesome, right? BHLDN‘s Annabelle dress is so unbelievably versatile it comes in different colors too: Ivory, Rose, Soft Plum, Lapis Blue, Mist Gray, Poppy, Mint Mist, and Steel Blue. And if you ask me, the Ivory Annabelle dress is pretty enough to be worn as a bridal dress! Oh, it’s gonna be perfect for a beach wedding or an intimate wedding soiree. ♥



Here are 7 gorgeous ways on how to wear them differently:

1) Cross my Heart


2) Goddess


3) Cleopatra


4) Maiden


5) Metropolitan


6) Rapunzel


7) Ascot


Information and photo source of the Annabelle Dress: BHLDN


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