Erica Elizabeth Designs I Wish I May Collections 2014

Erica Elizabeth 2014 1

The lovely Erica Elizabeth has wowed us last year with her Nature Inspired 2013 collection and she’s back this year with a magical, fairy tale-worthy I Wish I May 2014 collection. I sooo love that there are a couple of tiaras (yes, princess crowns!) in her dreamy set this year, just enough to awaken the royalty in you. 🙂 Erica has stayed true in crafting the most stunning pieces, using only the finest materials, and sprinkling her very own pixie-dust in each piece… so that each and every of her lovely headpiece carries about a certain magical feel you just cannot ignore. As Erica shares what inspired her, “I was pulled toward the youthful crown and tiara fashions, worn for centuries as a sign of nobility and aristocratic grace. These special designs, marked by exquisite fabrics and unique textures, are crafted with my signature care to make each piece a lasting treasure.”

Erica Elizabeth 2014 3

Erica Elizabeth 2014 4

Erica Elizabeth 2014 6

Erica Elizabeth 2014 16

Erica Elizabeth 2014 45

Erica Elizabeth 2014 34

Erica Elizabeth 2014 33

Erica continues to marry the past and the present through her designs and creates exquisitely crafted heirlooms that build lifetime of memories. I personally had a hard time choosing which ones are my favorites, I think I love them all!

I’m sure you’re all excited and eager to see the rest, so I won’t hold you any longer. Be enamored with the rest of Erica Elizabeth Designs‘s 2014 collection!

Erica Elizabeth 2014 24

Erica Elizabeth 2014 9

Erica Elizabeth 2014 20

Erica Elizabeth 2014 48

Erica Elizabeth 2014 8

Erica Elizabeth 2014 22

Erica Elizabeth 2014 15

Erica Elizabeth 2014 28

Erica Elizabeth 2014 30

Erica Elizabeth 2014 11

Erica Elizabeth 2014 32

Erica Elizabeth 2014 37

Erica Elizabeth 2014 43

The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Headpieces: Erica Elizabeth Designs | Photography: Caroline Tran | Planning & Design: Erica Elizabeth Designs | Venue: Private Old Town Pasadena Studio | Gowns: Claire Pettibone | Hair & Makeup: Theresa Huang, Jamie Stevens | Silk Georgian Vintage Reproduction Gown: Handmade by Erica Elizabeth Koesler | Model: Hanna Rose Masi from Vision



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