Color Series #15 : Teal + Yellow

It’s official, Spring is here! How long have we dreamt of warm skies, the earth sprouting with greens and trees and flowers alike are all abloom? Oh, how we love this season! To celebrate this joyous start, let me give you a color palette that says, “Hello, Mister Sun!” and something that would remind you of blues and greens combined, like a quick trip to the beach or a long stroll at the country side to feel the green grass underneath your bare feet. It is springtime and everything’s lovely! I hope you’re all loving the start of this beautiful, beautiful season. Tell me, what other Spring inspired color palettes do you love?

Color Series #15 - Teal + Yellow

photo source (from top left) : Wedding ring pillow,  Teal and yellow chairDahlia Cake, Bride with teal colored ribbons, Floral pillow, Opal with cubic zirconia drop earrings, Teal and yellow tablescape

I don’t about you, but the dahlia wedding cake (the detail of that flower is quite remarkable!) and the teal & yellow tablescape have got to be my favorites. 🙂

teal and yellow details


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