Jay & Andrew’s Bohemian Beach Wedding by Paopao Sanchez

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_78

I love this wedding in all its pristine and natural beauty. The beautiful and carefree barefoot bride, chic and casually dressed entourage, nonchalant reception decor and the breathtaking charm of Bohol — all yours for the taking today.

I wouldn’t be able to translate into words the silent spectacle of Andrew and Jay’s wedding. You just have to see for yourselves the wonderful photographs taken by the extremely talented Paopao Sanchez in order for you to enjoy and absorb the beauty of this bohemian beach wedding.

It’s quite rare that I am at a loss for words. This is one of those rare occasions. So I wouldn’t hold you any longer, cherries. Fall in love and be ready to be swept away. As Paopao puts it, “Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding!” Enjoy viewing! 🙂

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_1

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_13

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_3

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_31

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_24

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_40

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_23

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_25

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_19

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_12

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_32

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_54

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_51

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_17

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_39

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_84

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_47

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_43

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_42

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_28

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_83

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_82

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_53

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_56

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_55

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_76

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_74

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_65

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_75

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_66

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_63

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_81

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_7

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The Dream Team:

Photography: Paopao Sanchez Photo | Videography: Superseven | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Bohol, Philippines | Coordination: Supreme Weddings | Make up: wayofthebunny.com


Kath & Kim’s Heartwarming Garden Wedding by Manny and April Photography

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_46

I’ve noticed that the June drizzles are starting to pour in, and makes me think, oooh, is summer officially over? But before we let the summer smiles leave our faces, I’ve decided to bring you today a garden wedding so lively and bright, it will make you feel like it’s the first day of summer once again.
This wonderful marriage of two cultures will show us the picture of a love so pure and true, and will give us a glimpse on how, individually, each one is rich with cultural heritage too.

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_55

Kim and Kath decided to have a delicious pink color palette that reminds me of strawberries and sherbet. All those gorgeous bouquets, pretty vintage ring pillows, cute boutonnieres and watercolor inspired invitations are sure to give the color-spiration you need. You have to check out Kath’s adorable flower girl as well, wearing a traditional Korean dress. The colors are so vibrant and happy! I think it would be nice if I get to wear one someday. 🙂

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_17

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_54

I am also quite taken at how the simplicity of the bride Kath resounds with so much beauty and quiet elegance. This kind of bridal style always wows me because it takes courage to embrace simplicity especially when everybody else expects a bride to be glam to be beautiful.

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_40

All the photos captured by their photographers Manny and April were so heartwarming and such sweet peas, it’s impossible not to touch your hearts. Let’s spread more happy smiles today, cherries! Here’s the rest of Kim and Kath’s colorful and heartwarming garden wedding. Enjoy! 🙂

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_10

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_15

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_11

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_22

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_37

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_36

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_35

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_16

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_28

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_44

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_41

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_4

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_8

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_1

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_47

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_9

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_50

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_51

Kim & Kath Wedding_Manny and April Photography_53

The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: Manny and April Photography | Videography: Marvin Barbarona | Venue: The Hills at Silang | Caterer: Neil’s Kitchen | HMUA: Soleil Capulong | Gowns: Tina Sabalboro | Flowers (Bride, Principal Sponsors, Ceremony Set-up): Joel Faller | Entourage Flowers: Blush and Brights | Coordination: Sunshine Events Management | Dessert Buffet: Toy Cakes and Pastries | Ring and Coin Pillows: {etc} Handmade Goodness | Quartet: Leggiero Strings and Chamber Orchestra | Photobooth: PicMe Photobooth

Tia & Pao’s Best Day Ever Wedding by Nicolai Melicor


It’s not every day that you get to wake up to something beautiful. But maybe today’s your lucky day, dear cherries! I bring you the most captivating and magical morning wedding to help you start your day right. 🙂

You all know that I love intimate and DIY weddings. For me, these weddings are more personal, more familiar. The quiet smiles, the stolen glances, that carefree, random touch – these things are all unspoken yet ring loud and clear in every intimate wedding I get to see. While these things could easily be lost in a big, grandiose wedding, these things are what make an intimate one shine so beautifully. And the wedding of Pao and Tia is this kind of wedding.


The bride Tia lovingly DIY-ed 90% of this wedding — the invites, the different wedding signs, the bouts, and more! Name it and Tia has got it covered. It is a remarkable feat to try to DIY your own wedding, and it is a far greater achievement to be able to execute everything so flawlessly and so swoon-worthy! I have nothing but pure admiration for Tia! Great, great work!


Every image that their photographer Nicolai Melicor captured is just downright adorable. She has caught the glowing sunbeams that highlight Pao and Tia’s best day ever and I can’t wait to show them all to you.

Get ready for some major swooning, this is what a “best day” looks like! Enjoy! 🙂





























Get those tissues ready, cherries! This heartwarming SDE by Ghe Consolacion will make you cry happy tears! 🙂

The Photo Gallery:


The Dream Team:

Photography:  Nicolai Melicor | Videography: Ghe Consolacion | Preparation: Splendido Tower | Church Wedding: Chapel on the Hill | Garden Wedding and Reception : Splendido | Groom’s suit: M Barretto | Bride’s gown and Entourage dresses, Mom’s dresses, Ring bearer’s suit and Flower girls’ dresses: Patricia Santos | Bride and Entourage’s Robe: Kristia Roco | Lights and Sounds: Artuz 101 | Photobooth and Instagram Printer: Baicapture | Wedding Bands: Madz and Dzhei | OTD Coordinator : Imbitado Events | Florist: Sonya Francisco | Emcee:  Darlene Tan Salazar

DIY by the bride : Utensil holders | Program fans | PAOTIA made of pictures reception sign | Table numbers | Place cards | Escort cards | Buntings | Boutonnieres | Instagram hashtag signs | Mad Libs (Notes for a Happy Marriage) | Table runners | Directional Signs | Activity Signs | Paolo and Kristia signs for the trivia game | Ribbon wands | Here comes your girl, Tita Pao | Activities during the registration proper | Handkerchiefs of moms given by the bride