Jay & Andrew’s Bohemian Beach Wedding by Paopao Sanchez

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_78

I love this wedding in all its pristine and natural beauty. The beautiful and carefree barefoot bride, chic and casually dressed entourage, nonchalant reception decor and the breathtaking charm of Bohol — all yours for the taking today.

I wouldn’t be able to translate into words the silent spectacle of Andrew and Jay’s wedding. You just have to see for yourselves the wonderful photographs taken by the extremely talented Paopao Sanchez in order for you to enjoy and absorb the beauty of this bohemian beach wedding.

It’s quite rare that I am at a loss for words. This is one of those rare occasions. So I wouldn’t hold you any longer, cherries. Fall in love and be ready to be swept away. As Paopao puts it, “Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding!” Enjoy viewing! 🙂

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_1

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_13

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_3

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_31

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_24

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_40

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_23

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_25

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_19

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_12

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_32

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_54

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_51

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_17

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_39

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_84

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_47

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_43

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_42

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_28

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_83

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_82

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_53

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_56

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_55

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_76

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_74

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_65

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_75

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_66

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_63

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_81

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_7

The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: Paopao Sanchez Photo | Videography: Superseven | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Bohol, Philippines | Coordination: Supreme Weddings | Make up: wayofthebunny.com


Movie Monday: Meet the Fockers

Yes, that’s right, this movie is actually a rich source of wedding inspirations. A sequel to Meet the Parents, this movie rightfully ends with the wedding of Greg and Pam — a riotous but fun celebration by the lake.

meet the fockers

photo source: IMDB

While their reception decors were vibrant and super colorful, I decided to take snippets of inspirations only and have come up with a much tamer version of their wedding. Still following the bohemian tropical beach wedding vibe (without the actual beach), here are the important deets to take note: flowy, free-form dresses for the bride and guests, sweet smelling flowers to be placed on everyone’s hair, use of orchids as the main floral decor (and of course, the bridal bouquet should be orchids too), a beach inspired wedding cake (with seashells deets galore!), and my most favorite detail of all — the inverted umbrellas in the reception! These mismatched inverted umbrellas are a breaker from the usual but famous paper lanterns. Whimsical, fancy and fun. With the Meet the Fockers movie inspired wedding, a joyous night filled with magic and dancing will surely follow! 🙂

Movie Monday_Meet the Fockers

photo source (from left to right): Bohemian inspired bride, Flower crown, Beach inspired wedding cake, Bridal bouquet by Vatel Manila (Photography by Ryan Ortega), Mismatched inverted umbrellas

Therese & Rod’s Boho Chic Wedding by Green & Purple | Life in Photographs

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 63

A Bohemian styled wedding has got to be the most free-spirited and carefree wedding theme there is. No color motif, no matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses — actually, no matchy-matchy anything — nothing structured, nothing stiff. It’s like anything goes, and it will still be radically beautiful.

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 40

Today’s uber cool couple, Rod and Therese, were all Boho Chic and no fuss. I’m going to give you a quick list on what I love about this wedding — the bride Therese’s wedding dress and veil, the mismatched flower girl dresses (which I think are totally brilliant!), the mismatched and colorful bridesmaid dresses and their oh-so-lovely chic flower crowns, boys in suspenders and newsboy caps, and a full set of the most organically raw bouquets I did see.
We are so lucky that their talented photographer, Jeff of Green and Purple | Life in Photographs, was able to creatively capture all the whimsy deets and happy smiles of everyone. I am quite amazed at Jeff’s very keen eye for details and I so love that he does a lot of creative shots on even the tiniest deets!

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 3

I’ve always believed that, while a GOOD photographer can take beautiful photos, a GREAT photographer can capture a seemingly mundane detail and transform it into something extraordinarily beautiful. If you’re DIY-ing your wedding or if you’re having a unique theme (or at least, it’s something new to most), get a GREAT photographer so you don’t have to worry yourself crazy if your deets are “not-pretty-enough” or are “less-than-perfect”, or that they will “not look that good in the photos”. Oh yes, I hear ya girlfriend. A great photographer is THE answer to that. Let your chosen great photographer do his magic, and do his wonders and you will be amazed! And yes, I believe that Jeff is one of those great photographers. 🙂
This wedding is all about 100% pure love and bohemian dream devotion. Here’s the rest of Rod and Therese’s Boho Chic Wedding!

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 68

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 4

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 11

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 12

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 13

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 16

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 17

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 23

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 20

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 31

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 27

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 36

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 38

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 37

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 42

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 43

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 44

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 46

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 47

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 45

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 49

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 50

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 53

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 56

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 60

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 66

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 70

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 71

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 67

Rod&Therese_Green&Purple Life in Photographs 65

More boho-chic love here! Watch Therese and Rod’s SDE by Noel Samson Wedding Films:

The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography:  Green &Purple | Life in Photographs | Videography:  Noel Samson and Noel Samson Wedding Films | Hair & Make-up:  Alex Phil & Russia | Bridal Gown: Ericka Hayco | Bridal Car: Jun Miranda | Florist: Mary Am | Coordination: Marijo Jamora + Annely JaneCelocia | Wedding  Cake: Shebz Cakes & Shebz CakesBrownies