13 Adorable Flower Girl Basket Alternatives

Give your flower girls something unique to carry! Let’s twist the flower girl basket tradition a bit and give the basket of petals a rest by making the cuties carry something that’s equally pretty but more fun and whimsical. If you want to do away from the conventional flower girl staple – the flower basket, here are 13 adorbs alternatives from which you may choose from.

1.  Rustic Flower Hearts – These are perfect for your rustic / autumn inspired wedding. Tie up with ribbons in your color motif for that extra dose of pretty.

1 Rustic Wooden Hearts

photo source: One Fab Day

2.  Faerie Wands – Make your flower girls feel like faeries for a day with these glittered and sparkly wands.

2 Faerie Wand1

photo source:  Jac Photography

3.  Flower Teapot – Fill up an old teapot with blooms for a perfect vintage alternative for your little girl.

3 Flower Teapot

photo source: Intimate Weddings

4.  Kissing Balls – One big ball of sweet smelling florals that you can also pair up with a flower crown.

4 Kissing Ball

photo source: Style Me Pretty

5.  Japanese Parasol – Having an outdoor wedding? What could be better than having them carry something that will protect their soft skin from the sun too?

5 Japanese Parasol

photo source: The Knot

6.  Flower Coconut Husk – Perfect for your tropical-paradise-of-a-wedding, fill up a coco husk with loose flowers or petals and have your little sweetie throw them out as she walks down the beach-perfect aisle.

6 Flower Coconut Husk

photo source: Style Me Pretty

7.  Flower Wands – Giant flowers a-top a wand in the most vibrant colors will surely catch everyone’s attention.

7 Flower Wand1

photo source: Style Me Pretty

8.  Heart Balloons – Just because it is a romantic day. 🙂

8 Heart Balloons

photo source: Style Me Pretty

9.  Rustic Firefly Lantern – Fret not, you won’t be using live fireflies for this one but a string of lights inside a ball of intertwined rattan.

9 Rustic Firefly Lantern

photo source: Bragging Bags

10. Flower Cart – Have them push a flower bedecked mini cart or wagon. This is perfect for the littlest ones.

10 Flower Cart

photo source: Style Me Pretty

11.  Ribbon Baton – Wand, flowers, and tassels of ribbon in one perfect basket alternative.

11 Ribbon Baton

photo source: Elizabeth Anne DesignsMartha Stewart Weddings

12.  Pinwheels – Giant pinwheels and flower crowns in matching colors are not just less expensive but over-the-moon adorable too!

12 Pinwheel

photo source: Sayher Heffernan

13. Bubbles – Just how brilliant this idea of flower girls blowing bubbles as they walk down the aisle is? Very!

13 Bubbles

photo source: Josh Snyder


The Spring 2014 Childrenswear by Oscar dela Renta

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014

I have always been a fan of a laid-back, casual, relaxed and comfortable flower girl style. I dressed up my flower girl in a Sunday dress, a cardigan and a flower crown. And with a warm, tropical country like ours, I think it’s best to dress the little angels in fabrics that are cool and breezy to make them very comfy. And think about it, a casual chic flower girl dress is not only comfortable for them, it’s very practical too! Just think of the many times they could use and wear this again! 🙂

It is such a delight to see that the newest childrenswear collection by Oscar dela Renta is so wedding-worthy, I would recommend to all brides getting married in Spring/ Summertime to dress your flower girls in any of these dresses in “picture-perfect styles crafted with breezy fabrics in sunny colors and cheerful prints“. With a variety of patterns to choose from – floral, stripes, gingham, to name a few – these little lovelies will surely add cheer and vibrancy to your little girl’s look as she walks down the aisle with you. Just toss in a cashmere/ cotton bolero, cutesy flats and a floral headband or a flower crown, and she’s all set to wow everyone!

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 5

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 18

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 19

Swoon over these pretty little dresses and hope you find a style you love! 🙂

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 1

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 2

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 3

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 4

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 6

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 7

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 8

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 9

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 10

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 11

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 12

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 13

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 14

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 15

Oscar dela Renta_Girls_Spring 2014 16

12 Cutest Boho Flower Girl Inspirations

Boho Flowergirls

photo source: Tindale Images

Dress up your little angels in something comfy to let them have the freedom to move and play around on your wedding day. I say, let them have fun! Spare them the frilly dresses that are either too tacky or too uncomfortable to wear. Give your little girls the ease of being able to fully enjoy your day too. Let them wear something soft, flowy and airy… a bohemian inspired dress would be your best bet! No fuss, no worries. And don’t forget to crown them with flower head wreaths too (other head bands would be lovely as well). Oh, I am sure that they’ll be the prettiest, most laid-back, most adorable, best dressed-ever flower girls you’ll see!

Here are 12 of my most favorite boho inspired flower girl looks. Cuteness overload, coming up! 🙂

Boho Flowergirls 9

photo source: The Fete Blog

Boho Flowergirls 2

photo source: Ruffled

Boho Flowergirls 1

photo source: 100 Layer Cake

Boho Flowergirls 3

photo source: Style Me Pretty

Boho Flowergirls 4

photo source: Violette Field Threads

Boho Flowergirls 5

photo source: Ruffled

Boho Flowergirls 6

photo source: Magnolia Rouge

Boho Flowergirls 7

photo source: Tindale Images

Boho Flowergirls 8

photo source: Love My Dress

Boho Flowergirls 11

photo source: My Little Jules

Boho Flowergirls 10

photo source: Etsy

Boho Flowergirls 12

photo source: Style Me Pretty