Brand Your Wedding: Creating a Cohesive Wedding Theme


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Gone were the days when all you need to do is to choose a color motif as your “wedding theme”. Not that it is passe, but let’s admit it, doing just that may make your wedding look like everyone else’s or worse, somebody else’s. Have you ever attended a wedding and you suddenly have a deja vu — and you end up racking your brain, trying to remember the other wedding where you saw all these wedding deets; and all in the same color? Yeah. You don’t want that to happen to your guests. Not that you’re shallow or OC because you care so much about wedding details (like, geez, weddings are supposed to be more than the details, right?). But admit it, taking a leap beyond the wedding color motif and yes please, having a wedding theme — no, scratch that — having a cohesive wedding theme is a sure way to showcase your personality as a couple.
It doesn’t have to be over-the-top unique to show your quirks and perks. You can start with the basics. It can be the most common, most popular kind, just add some (or tons!) of your personal touches and you can end up claiming the theme as “yours”. Easy-peasy, eh? Let your imagination run wild, cherries! The possibilities are endless! Unravel your creativity and brainstorm with the right people (your partner, your bridesmaids, your wedding stylist, etc). Have fun. Don’t be afraid, don’t hold back. You can incorporate ANYTHING, it’s your wedding afterall. 🙂
To help you start and give you some idea, here’s a cheat sheet on the 4 most popular wedding themes. You can steal one of these as it is or tweak it a bit and go kick it up a notch! Remember, don’t forget to have fun! 🙂


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3 Best Man Duties To Remember


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Lately, I have been getting random requests to include tips and fashion ideas for the groom and his groomsmen. And I say, why not! They are very part of a wedding to. I’m quite elated myself to know that more men are getting involved in wedding planning, and they are actually eager to contribute something to the occasion. So to start this endeavor of giving off ideas for the gents, I have Blake here to talk about his top 3 tips on being the best best man there is. He was asked to be his younger brother’s best man and now, he wants to share to us his tips and reminders on what a best man’s part in a wedding is. Let’s say, it’s just a bro’s tip to another bro. Now, let’s hear from Blake!

Big Brother’s Best Man Tips

Being a best man is a huge honor, and when my younger brother asked me to be his, I couldn’t have been happier. I love my brother, and I can’t wait to stand up there next to him on his big day. But there’s a lot that needs to get done before that happens, especially when it comes to best man duties. As a married father, I have had my fair share of experiences with my own wedding and the weddings of my friends. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to being a best man; tips that I am sure to follow as my brother’s big day approaches.

1)  Groom’s Gifts

The gifts are a huge part of any wedding. My brother and his fiancé registered at two of their favorite stores, but there’s more to wedding gifts than just the registry. As best man, you’ll definitely want to get the groom something special just from you, and just for him. If you’re not brothers like we are, you’re probably each other’s oldest, closest friends, so it’s important to think sentimental and fun. It may sound cheesy, but trust me, it’s worth it. Save the kitchen appliances and fine china for the gift you get the couple, and use this as an opportunity to do something that really speaks from the heart. I found an old photo of my brother and I from when we used to play little league together, and paired that with an autographed baseball card from my brother’s favorite player, putting the two together in a nice frame. I know he’ll love it, and I know how much it’ll mean to him to get such a special gift.

Another one of your best man duties might be helping the groom pick out gifts for his groomsmen. He’ll definitely want to get them something they’ll love, and you can help him find something that can also be incorporated into the big day. I’m a huge Batman guy, and for my wedding I got my groomsmen Batman cuff links, as a fun addition to our tuxedos.

2)  Alternative Bachelor Parties

Not every groom is going to want a typical bachelor party night out. My brother and I have both always been a little more low-key, and we much prefer a relaxed night to kick back with friends, and often something sports-related. For my bachelor party, a bunch of friends and I went to a hockey game and then out to a nice dinner. It was a great night, and the perfect way to celebrate. I’m still brainstorming ideas for my brother’s upcoming bachelor party, but I’m thinking about a weekend away to go camping, hiking, and fishing. We could also do a Tough Mudder run together – something my brother has always wanted to do. Then we could go out for a big dinner and drinks after and cap off the night with some cold beer and good company.

3)  Day-Of Duties

The day of the wedding is crucial for the best man. It’s your job to keep everything under control, from the groom’s nerves to the wedding rings to the crazy family members (trust me, they’re always there!). Go in with a relaxed but responsible attitude. Keep the peace between all parties involved, keep everyone calm, and most importantly, just be there for the groom. Whatever he needs, it’s up to you to take care of, and he’ll be so thankful that you did. The best man speech is also hugely important on the day-of, and it’s definitely something you want to plan and prepare for. Be sure to watch the pace of your speech and walk the fine line between entertaining and sincere.

If you’ve been picked to be your friend’s or brother’s best man, it obviously means that he trusts you more than anyone, and wants you to be right there with him every step of the way. Have fun with it, and do whatever you can to make sure his big night, and everything leading up to it, it the best it can be. He’ll never forget it, and neither will you.


Blake Daniels is a stay at home dad living in upstate New York with his wife and 2 sons. When he’s not blogging you can find him working around the house, cooking clean meals and putzing around the yard. Feel free to contact Blake with any questions at


13 Adorable Flower Girl Basket Alternatives

Give your flower girls something unique to carry! Let’s twist the flower girl basket tradition a bit and give the basket of petals a rest by making the cuties carry something that’s equally pretty but more fun and whimsical. If you want to do away from the conventional flower girl staple – the flower basket, here are 13 adorbs alternatives from which you may choose from.

1.  Rustic Flower Hearts – These are perfect for your rustic / autumn inspired wedding. Tie up with ribbons in your color motif for that extra dose of pretty.

1 Rustic Wooden Hearts

photo source: One Fab Day

2.  Faerie Wands – Make your flower girls feel like faeries for a day with these glittered and sparkly wands.

2 Faerie Wand1

photo source:  Jac Photography

3.  Flower Teapot – Fill up an old teapot with blooms for a perfect vintage alternative for your little girl.

3 Flower Teapot

photo source: Intimate Weddings

4.  Kissing Balls – One big ball of sweet smelling florals that you can also pair up with a flower crown.

4 Kissing Ball

photo source: Style Me Pretty

5.  Japanese Parasol – Having an outdoor wedding? What could be better than having them carry something that will protect their soft skin from the sun too?

5 Japanese Parasol

photo source: The Knot

6.  Flower Coconut Husk – Perfect for your tropical-paradise-of-a-wedding, fill up a coco husk with loose flowers or petals and have your little sweetie throw them out as she walks down the beach-perfect aisle.

6 Flower Coconut Husk

photo source: Style Me Pretty

7.  Flower Wands – Giant flowers a-top a wand in the most vibrant colors will surely catch everyone’s attention.

7 Flower Wand1

photo source: Style Me Pretty

8.  Heart Balloons – Just because it is a romantic day. 🙂

8 Heart Balloons

photo source: Style Me Pretty

9.  Rustic Firefly Lantern – Fret not, you won’t be using live fireflies for this one but a string of lights inside a ball of intertwined rattan.

9 Rustic Firefly Lantern

photo source: Bragging Bags

10. Flower Cart – Have them push a flower bedecked mini cart or wagon. This is perfect for the littlest ones.

10 Flower Cart

photo source: Style Me Pretty

11.  Ribbon Baton – Wand, flowers, and tassels of ribbon in one perfect basket alternative.

11 Ribbon Baton

photo source: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Martha Stewart Weddings

12.  Pinwheels – Giant pinwheels and flower crowns in matching colors are not just less expensive but over-the-moon adorable too!

12 Pinwheel

photo source: Sayher Heffernan

13. Bubbles – Just how brilliant this idea of flower girls blowing bubbles as they walk down the aisle is? Very!

13 Bubbles

photo source: Josh Snyder