Brand Your Wedding: Creating a Cohesive Wedding Theme


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Gone were the days when all you need to do is to choose a color motif as your “wedding theme”. Not that it is passe, but let’s admit it, doing just that may make your wedding look like everyone else’s or worse, somebody else’s. Have you ever attended a wedding and you suddenly have a deja vu — and you end up racking your brain, trying to remember the other wedding where you saw all these wedding deets; and all in the same color? Yeah. You don’t want that to happen to your guests. Not that you’re shallow or OC because you care so much about wedding details (like, geez, weddings are supposed to be more than the details, right?). But admit it, taking a leap beyond the wedding color motif and yes please, having a wedding theme — no, scratch that — having a cohesive wedding theme is a sure way to showcase your personality as a couple.
It doesn’t have to be over-the-top unique to show your quirks and perks. You can start with the basics. It can be the most common, most popular kind, just add some (or tons!) of your personal touches and you can end up claiming the theme as “yours”. Easy-peasy, eh? Let your imagination run wild, cherries! The possibilities are endless! Unravel your creativity and brainstorm with the right people (your partner, your bridesmaids, your wedding stylist, etc). Have fun. Don’t be afraid, don’t hold back. You can incorporate ANYTHING, it’s your wedding afterall. 🙂
To help you start and give you some idea, here’s a cheat sheet on the 4 most popular wedding themes. You can steal one of these as it is or tweak it a bit and go kick it up a notch! Remember, don’t forget to have fun! 🙂


Infographic source: Simply Bridal


All About Wedding Food: 4 Kinds of Reception to Choose From


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Reception food will definitely EAT a big chunk on your wedding budget. That’s a a fact. While taste and food aesthetics are give-aways when deciding for wedding food, one major thing you need to consider is the kind of reception you want to have. Will you be having a Sit Down or Buffet style? If you’re having a close knit, intimate wedding reception, you may choose from either a Family Style or Speciality Reception. Consider your budget, food choices and inclusions, coherence to your wedding theme, and maximum enjoyment of your guests when deciding. Here are 4 reception choices (with pros and cons!) to help you decide.

P.S. We had Speciality “Brunch” Reception for our wedding! 🙂

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Infographic source: Simply Bridal

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

One of the first wedding-related bookings you’ll ever make is that of your wedding venue. Choosing one usually doesn’t come easy because of the many things to consider (availability, capacity, proximity, etc.), but do not fret! You don’t have to do a kiss-a-lot-of-frogs-before-you-find-your-prince stunt on deciding which venue will be best for you — the secret is (as in most things, I tell you!), you just have to ask the right questions. That’s right, cherries! Sometimes, it’s all in asking the right questions.

So, better equip yourselves with this checklist slash infographic for all your wedding venue related Qs before you head out and hunt for that perfect wedding venue! Good luck! 🙂

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Infographic source: The Wedding Band Shop