Jay & Andrew’s Bohemian Beach Wedding by Paopao Sanchez

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_78

I love this wedding in all its pristine and natural beauty. The beautiful and carefree barefoot bride, chic and casually dressed entourage, nonchalant reception decor and the breathtaking charm of Bohol — all yours for the taking today.

I wouldn’t be able to translate into words the silent spectacle of Andrew and Jay’s wedding. You just have to see for yourselves the wonderful photographs taken by the extremely talented Paopao Sanchez in order for you to enjoy and absorb the beauty of this bohemian beach wedding.

It’s quite rare that I am at a loss for words. This is one of those rare occasions. So I wouldn’t hold you any longer, cherries. Fall in love and be ready to be swept away. As Paopao puts it, “Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding!” Enjoy viewing! 🙂

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_1

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Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_31

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_24

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Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_25

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Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_84

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Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_28

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_83

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Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_76

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Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_65

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_75

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Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_63

Andrew & Jay Wedding_by Paopao Sanchez_81

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The Dream Team:

Photography: Paopao Sanchez Photo | Videography: Superseven | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Bohol, Philippines | Coordination: Supreme Weddings | Make up: wayofthebunny.com


Reyssie & JR’s Beer Inspired Wedding by Toto Villaruel

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 41

I am always on the lookout for unique wedding themes. And while they are fun and pretty to look at, I believe that a unique, well-thought-of wedding theme actually gives us a glimpse of the personality of the couple and can give us an idea of what tickles them, of what makes them happy, and of what’s close to their hearts. So when I’ve seen JR and Reyssie’s beer inspired wedding, I was just smitten. And with the uber lovely snaps that their photographer Toto Villaruel took, we get to see how fun-loving and carefree couple they are, all gloriously basked in wedding-day bliss, their beautiful smiles never leaving their faces.

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 32.1

I so adore how they, little by little, incorporated the beer details all throughout the wedding. The bouts and the super gorgeous bridal bouquet made by {etc} Handmade Goodness are my ultimate faves.

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 36.2

I love too that they’ve decided to go about with a nude/ earth-toned color palette. When you have so many lovely deets, toning down on the hues is best so as not to create an over powering vibe that’s borderline chaotic – so I admire how well balanced this wedding was because everything looked really well planned. I never thought elegance and fun could blend-in well but this wedding just rocked it! Cheers to JR and Reyssie for a chic beer-ful party! Enjoy viewing cherries! 🙂

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 37

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 16.1

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 28

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 25

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 10.1

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 42.2

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 40

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 19.1

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 30

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 11.1

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 35.1

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 21

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 26.2

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 8

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 9.1

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 4.2

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 20

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 17

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 38

Jr Reyssie_by Toto Villaruel 32.2

Take a peek at their lovely SDE made by Bob Nicolas:

The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography: Toto Villaruel | Videography: Bob Nicolas | Preparation & Reception: Acacia Hotel | Ceremony: St. Benedict, Sta Rosa |  Gown: Veejay Floresca | Bouquet, Pillows and Boutonnieres: {etc} Handmade Goodness / Vatel Manila | Event Styling: Teddy Manuel | Coordination: Christine Ong-Te Events

Leah & Owen’s Lemon Yellow Boracay Wedding by Rockin’ Photographers


Sun, sea and sand. What could be lovelier than having all these 3 present on your wedding day? Well, Owen and Leah decided to combine all three, held their wedding at the breathtaking shores of Boracay – no less – and squeezed in some bright lemon yellow palette to come up with the most heartfelt, intimate wedding you’ll see.

I’m quite taken at how evident the out pour of happiness and of love that day. The bride Leah was radiantly beautiful in her lace wedding dress, and I especially love how elegantly simple her calla lily bouquet was. She was a picture, in every sense, of a blushing bride most specially as she walked down that aisle to meet her dashing groom.


You could easily spot an intimate celebration when you see one, because in lieu of too much wedding details, there you’ll find an endless stretch of stolen glances, of infectious smiles, of soft whispers and of guests reeling in the magic of THE moment. And for me, this kind of wedding is the most romantic one.


We are just so fortunate that Vj and Vinz Matias of Rockin’ Photographers were able to capture all the love as they unravel in Owen and Leah’s wedding. And I love how they have truly captured the very essence of this celebration.

Your day is just about to get better, cherries because this Boracay wedding will send you the sweetest dreams of summer. Dream away! 🙂





























The Photo Gallery:

The Dream Team:

Photography and Videography: Rockin’ Photographers (Photo by Vinz Matias | Video by VJ Matias) | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Asya Premier Suites, Boracay Island, Philippines | Event Coordination: Boracay Weddings by Amanda TirolFlowers: Teddy Manuel