Homegrown: Filipiniana Wedding Theme

There is nothing more comfortable and fitting than having a homegrown wedding theme. One, you don’t have to stress too much about the supplies -it’s local so it’s easier to source, and two, executing the theme is like second nature – it feels natural to do because hey, you know it all your life, it’s part of your culture, it’s part of who you are.
So today, I’m dedicating this post to celebrate our rich cultural heritage. See the beauty of our local, inherently-Filipino-materials and be enamored with the Filipiniana Wedding Theme:

fil bridal gown

photo source: Veluz Reyes

fil invitation3 fil invitation

photo source: Invitation Kitchen, Bridal Book

fil favors3 fil favors

photo source: Weddings in the Philippines, Bridal Book

fil invitation2

fil bouquet2 fil favors2

photo source: Bridal Book, Bridal Guide

fil reception

photo source: Bride and Breakfast

fil table decor2 fil aisle2

photo source: Bridal Book, Serge Igonia

fil cake toppers2 fil cake toppers

photo source: Etsy

fil reception2

photo source: Bride and Breakfast

fil table decor fil bridal gown2 fil bouquet

photo source: Bridal Book, Raza Formal Wear, W@W

abanico fans with alstromeria

photo source: Bridal Book

barong-tagalog fil bride groom2 barong-tagalog2

photo source: Veluz Reyes, Quingdom

fil aisle

photo source: W@W

fil bride groom

photo source: Noel Salazar


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