FRANCIS + BEVERLY WEDDING PHOTOS-633Hi there! I’m Bev and I love all things wedding-pretty. My seemingly-endless awe and admiration for wedding loveliness started as soon as my husband and love of my life,  Francis, proposed to me in 2012.

After collating various wedding inspirations through Pinterest, this has finally dawned upon me: every wedding is magical. Whether chic or whimsy, traditional or alternative, vintage or modern, DIY or fancy, one thing holds true – the wedding, on its own, is magical. Because each wedding is a representation of the couple – a reflection of who they are – it is extraordinary.

So here at Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings, I aim to celebrate that uniqueness and provide an inspiration haven that each bride fancies and dreams of.

  • Cherryblossoms will symbolize the ethereal, chic, soft shades of pastels, pinks and lush flowers kind of wedding.
  • Faeriewings, on one hand, will mirror the charming, whimsy, odd, the sometimes bizarre and oftentimes quirky kind of wedding.

Both kinds will be celebrated here, both are beautiful, both are magical.

xo bev

P.S. Let’s keep in touch! You can find me at: FacebookPinterest – Twitter 

or Email me your queries, comments, or suggestions at cbfwblog@gmail.com

photo by: Nez Cruz


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