Bridal Fall 2014: Theia

Theia_Fall 2014_18

Theia White Bridal Fall 2014 collection is all about clean, modern, sophisticated cuts that will look best on edgier brides. This showstopper of a gown, infused with “Midas Touch”, is my ultimate favorite among the set. Who says my love for the gleam of gold glitter ended at yesterday’s post?

I think it’s best to leave the full-on description to Don O’Neill about his Fall 2014 collection and how this set will bring out every woman’s inner goddessTheia White for Fall 2014 is inspired by clean modern silhouettes infused with The Midas Touch. Delicate touches of gold are found on classic French Chantilly laces entwined with gold filigree flowers. Hand painted gold Murano glass beads encircle waist lines. Luxurious silk brocades, lamés and golden sequins shimmer around the body as though the bride, emerging from a snow storm, were grasped by Midas himself. Softly falling snow is captured in thousands of hand embroidered satin petals caressing the body and cascading onto a tulle veil. Gentle snow drifts are translated into hand painted brush strokes on tulle and glazed with an icy shimmering spring of glass beads. Re-embroidered Chantilly and Guipure laces are paired with silk taffetas and Duchess Satins. Silk organzas are lasered or ruched around the body, with romantic ruffles or bountiful bouquets of Polar Star Roses cascading from the knee. Acres of silk chiffon float from a feather light Chantilly bodice. Silk Mikado has been specially softened to create luscious full ball gown skirts. Soft as the falling snow, sensual, modern imbued with the golden luxury, Theia White Fall 2014.”

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Wedding gowns by Theia | Photo source: The Knot


Bridal Fall 2014: Marchesa

Marchesa_Fall 2014 4

I love lace on wedding dresses (Okay, I might also love lace on everything else. Ha!). Lace makes a wedding dress look more romantic and feminine, and whether we admit it or not, majority of brides aim to achieve an ethereal look on her wedding day, a look that radiates a sweet, romantic glow — and lace can actually lend that aura. Lace also lends the wedding dress a sense of timelessness, and makes it an instant classic piece if done right (think Grace Kelly’s wedding gown).

Inspired by The Secret Garden, each piece in the Marchesa Fall 2014 collection has everything a dreamy wedding dress is made of – feminine silhouettes, light and airy fabrics, handmade floral appliques and embroideries, and my most favorite bit common among this set, the lace capelets and sheer sleeves.

Ever since British born Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig established Marchesa in 2004, this fashion empire has made its mark by creating exquisitely detailed, romantic wedding dresses that make each and every bride’s dream of wearing a wedding dress that will emanate a soft, radiant glow come true.

This enchanting number below and my best pick, has stolen my heart in an instant. Delicate, romantic, feminine and simple. Would you agree if I say it’s perfect?

Marchesa_Fall 2014 3

Take a look at the rest of this swoon-worthy collection!

Marchesa_Fall 2014 1

Marchesa_Fall 2014 2

Marchesa_Fall 2014 5

Marchesa_Fall 2014 6

Marchesa_Fall 2014 7

Marchesa_Fall 2014 8

Marchesa_Fall 2014 9

Marchesa_Fall 2014 10

Marchesa_Fall 2014 11

Marchesa_Fall 2014 12

Marchesa_Fall 2014 13

Wedding gowns by Marchesa | Photo source: The Knot

Bridal Fall 2014: Claire Pettibone

A Claire Pettibone dress has always had a flair for drama, romance, and femininity – and her “Still Life” Fall 2014 collection is no different. Still in her signature fluid, feminine silhouettes with intricate, delicate floral and butterfly embroideries and appliques, each dress in the Claire Pettibone Fall 2014 collection exudes romance and sensuality. I say that each dress is truly enchanting and magical. My favorite one in this collection is the Raven Wedding Dress – a romantic number in black tulle, embroidered with pink and red roses over silver sequins and pearl silk with long train.

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 1

Inspired by Dutch still-life artist Rachel Ruysch, here’s what the superbly talented Claire Pettibone has to say about the collection: “In the second half of the 17th century, the art of the floral still-life reached the height of fashion. Dramatic arrangements of flora and fauna, insects and fruits, set against dramatic dark backgrounds exude a mysterious romanticism. The inspiration for this collection quickly led to Dutch masterpiece “Still Life of flowers on a Marble Table”, by Rachel Ruysch, 1716. The brilliance of nature’s beauty is highlighted to dramatic effect, just as the bride becomes the center of our attention. Graceful details adorn delicate silks and laces gilded in gold, glowing as if lit from within. The rich floral embroideries give the effect of a painting come to life, while a few artful butterflies flutter in. Oh, the unexplainable mystery of love! Be still my heart…still in love…still life.”

Be ready to be mesmerized with so much beauty! Here’s the rest of the Claire Pettibone Bridal Fall 2014 collection!

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 9

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 2

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 3

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 4

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 5

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 6

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 7

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 8

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 10

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 11

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 12

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 13

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 14

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 15

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 16

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 17

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 18

Claire-Pettibone-Bridal Fall 2014 19

Wedding gowns by Claire Pettibone | Photo source: The Knot