10 Table Number Ideas You Can Make

I’m quite fascinated at how almost all known wedding details are evolving! Today, let’s focus on that one important deet on your table decor — the table number. There are actually like gazillion ideas on this particular wedding detail, but for now, I’ll be leaving you with the 10 of the most unique, eye-catchingly pretty table number ideas you can actually make. But first, let me manage your expectations before we proceed — some of these DIY projects will be as easy as a pea, but some, I must say, are quite advanced even for an average crafter. While these DIY table numbers are a pretty-lot, these projects will take time to do (and effort, too!) so be prepared to get help from other crafty hands. 🙂

I promise that this will be sooo worth your time and effort if you choose to do any of these. Send over the photos of your finished products so I could see them, okay? Ready now? Here are my top 10 absolutely-worth-it-DIY Table Number projects. Enjoy! 🙂

1.  DIY Bud Vase Table Number – Cute and innovative, I love the idea of using test tubes as vases. This table number project is pretty enough to be given out as wedding favor afterwards! DIY link here.

DIY Bud Vase

2.  DIY String Art Table Number – Get into the “string art” trend with this easy (and budget-friendly!) project. DIY link here.


3.  DIY Rustic Table Number – I’ve always wondered how they make the painted number look so natural like it’s always been there! Well, now I know! And now you do too! 🙂 DIY link and Free Printables here.


4.  DIY Floating Hot Air Ballons Table Number – Puuur-fect for a vintage, travel themed wedding! DIY link here.


5.  DIY Scrabble Tiles Table Number – All you need are your good ol’ scrabble pieces and your huge imagination! DIY link here.


6.  DIY Fresh Flower Table Number – Promise me you’ll use this if you’re having an outdoor / garden wedding. P.S. Delegate this one! This will use fresh flowers, so better done on the wedding day itself. So yes, you don’t want to stress over this project. 🙂 DIY link here.

DIY Fresh Flower Numbers

7.  DIY Button Book Table Number – Don’t let those old books go to waste. With the right mix of thriftiness and creativity, you can have your very own easy, unique and personalized table number! DIY link here.


8.  DIY Chalkboard Vase Table Number – I think this would look absolutely lovely if you use different colors of chalkboard paint. Sprinkle your tables with rainbow colors! DIY link here.

diy_chalkboard paint table number

9.  DIY Hammered Metal Table Number – I must say that this project is quite versatile. You could use the table number afterwards, say, as a home decor. DIY link here.

DIY Hammered Metal Table Number

10.  DIY Moss Table Number – This would work with or without the glass bell jar (just in case you can’t find something to enclose it with). Perfect for an outdoor wedding, this table number is like having a mini topiary right on top your reception tables. DIY link here.



5 Easy Peasy DIY Wedding Projects

Hear, hear! I have some DIY treats for all you DIY-savvy and crafty brides-to-be! Today, I’m sharing with you 5 easy DIY projects that you could use for your wedding (or for any other occasions as well!). Whether you want to add oomph to your wedding deets or just want to add your personal touch, try any of these DIY projects to make those deets extra special and instantly wow your guests!

P.S. Don’t forget to remind your photographer to take snaps of the final products! Have fun crafting, cherries! 🙂

1.  DIY Polka Dot Envelope Liner – Add a little something to your wedding invites and dress up your envelopes with polka dots! This instant liner is just too cute to pass up! See the how-tos here.


2.  DIY Cake Topper Bunting – This easy-breezy cake topper would instantly prettify even the simplest of cakes! You could even replace the fabric scraps with washi tape. See the how-tos here.


3.  DIY Fun Tags with Watercolor – While these tags were originally done as ‘Bon Appetit’ cutlery tags, you could also use these as your wedding favor Thank-You tags or even as your Escort Cards. Don’t be shy in using more hues… the more color, the better! See the how-tos here.


4.  DIY Gumball Drink Stirrers – Add oomph to your refreshments bar with these fun gumball stirrers! This easy DIY is just done in 2 steps! Ready? See the how-tos here.


5.  DIY Flower Crown – Flower crown has got to be my most favorite wedding accessory. Whether you use fresh flowers, or like this DIY, silk flowers, I’m sure this will instantly liven up the look of your little girls or your maids. Wear one over your veil (or just this alone) to channel a boho feel. Oh, be an instant goddess with flower crowns! See the how-tos here.

DIY Flower Crown .

DIY Workshop by Candidly Pretty

Hello there, cherries! You all know that I am a fan of DIY-ing your wedding. Hats-off to all the DIY brides! If you’re one with me, and you dream to add as much personal touch to your wedding, you’re in luck today! The lovely Koni of Candidly Pretty (she styled the Buttons and Yarns Wedding I previously featured here!) is holding a DIY Bride Workshop and she will be sharing tips and techniques on how to create your own bouquets, boutonnieres, garters, headbands, decor and more! So whether you are a crafty bride-to-be, or just a DIY enthusiast, check out the workshop poster below for the deets. Enjoy! 🙂

DIY Bride 2.2_Final