Movie Monday: Meet the Fockers

Yes, that’s right, this movie is actually a rich source of wedding inspirations. A sequel to Meet the Parents, this movie rightfully ends with the wedding of Greg and Pam — a riotous but fun celebration by the lake.

meet the fockers

photo source: IMDB

While their reception decors were vibrant and super colorful, I decided to take snippets of inspirations only and have come up with a much tamer version of their wedding. Still following the bohemian tropical beach wedding vibe (without the actual beach), here are the important deets to take note: flowy, free-form dresses for the bride and guests, sweet smelling flowers to be placed on everyone’s hair, use of orchids as the main floral decor (and of course, the bridal bouquet should be orchids too), a beach inspired wedding cake (with seashells deets galore!), and my most favorite detail of all — the inverted umbrellas in the reception! These mismatched inverted umbrellas are a breaker from the usual but famous paper lanterns. Whimsical, fancy and fun. With the Meet the Fockers movie inspired wedding, a joyous night filled with magic and dancing will surely follow! ūüôā

Movie Monday_Meet the Fockers

photo source (from left to right): Bohemian inspired bride, Flower crown, Beach inspired wedding cake, Bridal bouquet by Vatel Manila (Photography by Ryan Ortega), Mismatched inverted umbrellas


Movie Monday: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I always thought this movie to be refreshingly adorable. It’s one of those feel-good movies that reminds you that there are magical moments happening around us. It makes us believe that miracles happen right before our eyes everyday, and that there is good that unravels in the least moment we expect.


photo source: IMDB

While this movie will remind you of Autumn, because of the prominent colors in the film, I thought I’d rather limit the color inspiration to just the greens and the white. It’s a clean slate that will look refreshing and cool. Quite a perfect palette for an intimate, outdoor wedding in any of the cold months of the year. Florals will be used sparingly, only as to add a little color like the minimal use of wild flowers in the tablescape below. I imagine the bride to wear something flowy, something comfortable. She is one with nature, so her look would be nymph-like. Of course, her littlest flower girls will follow suit in their breezy white summer dresses.
The wedding inspiration that this movie evokes is that of cool, calm and chic; of being at peace and in tune with nature, and of bringing out the good in everyone. Steal all these into your wedding and it will surely radiate positivity!


photo source (from left to right): Wedding dress, Wedding cake, Flower girl, Leaf escort cards, Rustic tablescape

Movie Monday: Great Expectations

A 1998 contemporary film adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations tells the tale of the hapless Finn (Pip) as a painter in New York as he pursues his unrequited and haughty childhood love for Estella.

Great Expectations

photo source: IMDB

Truth be told, when I think of Great Expectations, I think of Miss Havisham, the feisty, eccentric, wealthy benefactress of Estella. She’s one of the significant movers of this story, carefully influencing the lives of both Finn (Pip) and Estella. And crazy as it may sound, I’m deriving my wedding inspiration today from her, and I call the Miss Havisham style as “A Beautiful Mess.” It is a beautiful mix of vintage vibe and a raw and carefree style. This style follows no strict rules, no patterns, just an authentically raw style that is both romantic and subdued.

Think of old, open-spaced venues or halls or gardens, the rays of sunlight lighting the space within. Think of long wooden tables, left bare or covered with simple tablecloth, adorned by greens and very minimal florals. Think of vintage lace wedding dress and a simple bridal bouquet in shades of blush and cafe au lait. Think of old books and of calligraphy. Simple and romantic. The Great Expectations inspired wedding is a quiet, intimate celebration of love, where the aura is heartfelt, pure and true.

Great Expectations_Movie Monday

photo source (from top left) : Chair and vintage veil, Old book and roses, BHLDN lace wedding dress, Blush and cafe au lait bouquet, Pip and Estella matching chairs, Greens tablescape, Flower girls and fountain