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Thanks so much for your interest in sharing your wedding /or work with the Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings readers! Here at CBFW, we love weddings that have character, are creative, unique and full of personality!

While we prioritize features on real weddings, we also feature engagement sessions, DIY projects, bridal showers and wedding related styled shoots. For these photo shoots, we’re looking for creative, distinct styles, out-of-the-box ideas, and unique stories that would inspire and help our brides-to-be create the wedding they want.

Notes to Remember When Submitting Real Weddings – FAQs and What to Give Us:

* Couples’ names / Date of the Wedding / Ceremony and Reception Location

* Wedding Theme / Motif

*  The Love Story. Everybody loves a Love Story. Tell us something about how you’ve met, or how your wedding proposal happened, or just anything about what you love to do together.

*  Describe the Wedding. Tell us briefly something about what made it extra special, highlight your personal touches and unique details, tell us about the DIY projects you incorporated, what are your favorite moments in the wedding, etc. Talk about those special moments that would define the wedding as uniquely yours.

*  List of your Dream Team. Give us a list of all your applicable suppliers and their website links.

*  The Photo Gallery. In a zipped file, send us 50-100 professionally done photos at minimum 640 pixels wide (low resolution photos only!), which include but not limited to: detail shots (please include lots!), ceremony and reception shots, couple shots, portraits, and the happy faces of your guests.  No collages, borders or distracting graphics, please. If you are a bride/groom submitting your wedding, please make sure you have your photographer’s permission to share the photos. If you are a photographer, please include the bride or groom’s email address, as we would love to hear from them too!

Send all submissions to and include “SUBMISSION and what type” in the subject line. Please wait for 3 days, and I will get back to you no matter what. If you haven’t heard from me after the 3rd day, feel free to follow me up. 🙂

I believe that great works should be shared! CBFW does NOT stipulate exclusivity, however, do inform us too if your submission has already been published elsewhere.

Thanks for your interest and I’m so looking forward to hearing from you!

photography credit: Nez Cruz


2 thoughts on “Submit

  1. Hi,
    your site is really helpful on our wedding prep and it’ll be 2 months before our wedding day! sheesh!
    i am interested in submitting our photos on our recent engagement session
    and im excited to see our photos posted on your site!
    ijust have an inquiry with the minimum number of photos to be submitted. does it really have to be 50 or it can be lower than that like 40?


    • Hi Apple!
      First of all, congratulations to you and your hubby-to-be! And thanks for your interest in submitting your photos. 🙂 For engagement session submissions, I think a minimum of 20 of your best photos would be sufficient. 🙂 Send them over and I’d be delighted to see them! 🙂


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